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Please find below description and vision for this project. The project started his life on 11/2008.

Project Description
Our purpose is to help customers and partners implementing MOSS 2007 farms an industrial and managed way.
This topic revealed itself to be a very important key to drive good setup and operation of the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 platform.

Use it as much as you need.

Project Vision
The start up release
The v0 release, available now, is a zip file containing scripts to setup directly a MOSS 2007 farm, as described in this White Paper:

Next releases
We plan to create a tool that will leverage this set of scripts.

The first idea for the tool (the real v1) is:
- Model a simple farm topology/setup, being able to load/save it in a "farm settings" file (probably an XML one)
- Generate the scripts for each servers, in the right sequence, based on the farm model (which will include: server names, services & SSP settings, service accounts, etc.)

Next planned steps are to add features continuously enabling:
- Once farm is setup, manage its logical parameters through scripts (ContentDBs, WebApps, Site Collections, AAM, Solutions, etc.)
- Create an administrative log of operations realized by Administrators to: 1.Record farm settings application & 2.Being able to replay, or revert settings change
- Export/Import and manage farm configuration, being able to detect baseline vs. actual differences (probably through stsadm extensions)
- Support MOF "Change Quadrant" concepts, with Change Management, Configuration Management & Release Management
- Include Patch/Cumulative Updates application + slipstream work I did here and updated there
- Check coherence of settings applied in the farm (based on a rule file to create ... for instance checking if there is only one indexer role in the farm or if WFE are not used to host Central Administration)
- Remotely launch and control the farm setup from a control/"injector like" workstation to scale up deployment of multiple environments
- Support the Language Packs that are a nightmare to setup on any fresh server & farm install
- Adapt all this technology for SharePoint 2010 architecture, based on Service Applications and Windows PowerShell

Here are the starting ideas for the project, but please share yours, inputs, comments, etc. They are warmly welcome.

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